Welcome Everyone!

We’re so glad you found us and hope you enjoy traveling along as we prowl the highways and byways of North America in search of well known destinations or stumbling across hidden gems. This site has just begun as we became full time RVers in May 2012. While we’re building this site, if you want to read about our previous adventures, please go to http://www.vagabondpress.wordpress.com .

Our decision to sell, store or donate everything we owned may have seemed a sudden one to friends and family. Many may have secretly thought we’d lost our senses as we downsized from a 2200 square foot home to a 300 square foot fifth wheel trailer. The truth is both Chari and Steve had separately thought of hitting the road a long time ago. Separately you ask? That’s because we were married in 2009. Chari had talked about RVing  as a single woman and working as a traveling physical therapist. Steve had thought about buying a boat and circumnavigating a route through the Great Lakes then down the Mississippi River and back through the Intercoastal Waterway. After retirement in 2010 we bought a travel trailer and fell in love with the freedom of the RV lifestyle. As every trip neared its end we’d say “I wish we didn’t have to go back.” One day we finally said “We don’t have to go back.” And so the adventure begins….

Note: You’ll find entries in different colors. Chari will continue using green while Steve will use blue. We suspect that at times while we’re out of the trailer, Opal gets on the computer too. Knowing her she’ll pick a color like orange.

2 thoughts on “Welcome Everyone!

  1. hey guys loved your blog!! Can’t wait to have some more laughs and play cards once again. See you in September as the song goes!!! lv Kathy

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