RVers in Waiting

We had planned to spend the first month in the Charlotte area to take care of any loose ends and some medical appointments. Little did we know how many loose ends there would be! Our first stop was at Badin Lake as Steve has mentioned. We really didn’t do anything but sit, read and recover as the adrenaline that had kept us going for the past 5 weeks stopped flowing. We crashed big time. By the end of the week we were beginning to feel close to normal.

Our next door neighbors, Kathy and Joe, originally from Long Island and now from the Greensboro area quickly became friends. One night I’d invited them to come over and play Phase 10. Then I couldn’t remember where I’d put them. Fortunately they had a set too. Oh the joys of moving! We enjoyed their company and made plans to meet again in a few weeks at a campground called Bandit’s Roost.

For now we had to cancel all the reservations we’d made for heading north to Maine for the summer and make new ones to keep ourselves within 3-4 hours of Charlotte until the house sold. The only stops we kept were for Pennsylvania in late June, another one for the Shenandoah area and back to Badin for a friend’s wedding in late September. I’ve used Google Earth to show you our travels from mid May- mid October 2012. Hopefully this will give you some idea of where we were as we talk about them in detail. To enlarge the picture, click on the picture once. To return to the blog, click the back arrow.

RV Route mid May-mid October 2012

One thought on “RVers in Waiting

  1. I really enjoyed reading about your adventures. Do you live in the rv now or are you building a new home.?
    Interested in this life style,

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