Return to Badin Lake

Once again we moved back to what we consider home base for the Charlotte, NC area at Badin Lake Recreation Area. Before we left last time we had checked on the site we’d reserved and didn’t care for it so we’d changed sites (for a small fee) to site #15. We thought we’d looked at it carefully… well maybe we weren’t as rested as we thought. Or maybe we were’nt as rested as we thought. Maybe we’re still getting used to the size of our new trailer. At 35′ and 13’6″ high it is considerably larger than our previous one. Site 15 was a drive through site or should have been. We found that the circle was too tight to line up our trailer without the truck being at such a severe angle that we couldn’t unhook or might not be able to hook up again. After several tries Steve gave up and treated it like a back in site. This meant having to angle the trailer across the site. Then we realized that all the sites along this stretch have a severe downhill slope side to side. After three boards were under the right tires it was level. But this left the last step about 18″ off the ground. Out came the milk crate for a step but it was too flexible. So Steve bought two boards and reinforced it. Voila, a portable step and storage bin in one.

Steve went to Albemarle to meet a mobile unit to fix a dent in the truck. I think we forgot to mention we’d put a dent in the truck the first week when the canoe flipped out of the bed and whacked the side. “I found a great photo op for us in Albemarle. There are several old cars needing a picture.” So off we went. There aren’t too many people who would think spending an hour photographing old cars in a field was fun but we did.

old cars, photography

old cars, photography

old cars, photography

old cars

We also spent a great Saturday with friends Gayle and Bob from Charlotte and new friends Kathy and Joe from Greensboro at the NC Air Museum in Asheboro. The museum was sponsoring a fly-in festival with over 100 planes on display. While most were propeller single or double seaters there were a few small jets. The show stopper was a Corsair. “Who reading this is old enough to remember the TV show Ba Ba Black Sheep with Robert Conrad? Oh yes, this is Chari and I’m changing to green to make it easier to tell when I’m contributing.” There were model planes too. Even an old car on display that had been Harry Truman’s presidential car. The museum itself is worth a visit anytime. My favorite display was of women from the early days of aviation. The first black women to get a pilot’s license in the US had to go to France for lessons as no one would teach her here. Upon getting licensed she performed stunt flights across the US. She died during a performance when the plane stalled and went into a dive. She was thrown out of the plane because she didn’t have her seat belt on!  Another interesting display was the plane flown by the RJ Reynolds heir who flew around the world shortly after Lindburgh’s flight. He returned to NC and died six months later. We were able to talk with owners of several planes. I liked one named Hot Pastrami and asked how it got it’s name. The pilot’s wife told me he went back and forth to NY for over a year while restoring the plane and ate pastrami sandwiches each time. For more information on the museum go to .

airshow, North Carolina

airshow, photography


Corsair, NC Air Museum

We also needed to install the wiring for the satellite TV. Steve’s a retired electrician so naturally he thought this would be a no brainer. Two hours later and a lot of words not to be used here, he decided the RV dealer needed to do the install. We called. There was no appointment available all week. However, one of the mechanics does mobile calls on his own on Sunday. So we lined him up. All we need now was to contact Winegard, manufacturer of the satellite to activate the Direct TV box. We called and got voicemail. We left a message. We waited. We called. We left a message. Repeat six times. No call back. Then Chari called from her phone. Oh yes, she got a call back… 24 hours later!Steve never got a call. At his wits end, Steve called Direct TV directly and implored on a representative to help. Within 30 minutes we were up and running. Thank you Direct TV. I’m not sure at what point in this process we noticed that the over the air antenna that had been working no longer worked. We were leaving the next day. So we located an RV dealer in Wilkesboro, NC, our next stop . They said to come in and we’d be worked into the schedule.

Before I leave this entry I want to mention a book I’ve been reading, well actually it’s the first book in a series of seven. The series is called The Masters of Rome and the first book is First Man in Rome by Colleen McCullough. If you enjoy historical fiction, this book (and the ones that follow) will grab you and hold you. I haven’t been so enthralled with a series in years. It’s worth the 600+ pages per book. Colleen McCullough spent 13 years in research  before she began writing. If you watch the TV series Damages and think these are nasty people just wait until you delve into Gaius Marius, Sulla and Servilla. Do read it!

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