Soaring With Bermuda High

Like a boomerang we find ourselves drawn back to where we started. Once again we return to Charlotte, NC and Badin Lake Recreation Area where we’ll stay for two weeks. What draws us back is the wedding of two kayaking friends, Jennifer and Pete. We can only hope that they are as happy as we are. Their outdoor wedding was blessed with beautiful weather. We also caught up with several other kayaking friends. One gal had just crossed off a major item on her bucket list. A week prior she had climbed Mount Kilimanjaro. Way to go Beverly!

While most of our time was spent tending to the last few appointments and errands we did save time for lots of restaurant lunches and dinners with friends. We took two of them to our favorite fish camp in New London, NC called Pat and Mick’s. I’d never heard of a fish camp until I moved to NC. For the uninitiated they are local places that serve a variety of fish/seafood usually fried (some offer broiled) open Thursday-Sunday. The portions are huge and the prices very reasonable. Check them out at pat-micks-fish-house-new-london-346631  . Jennifer took a group of kayakers here several years ago after a great day on Badin Lake. Having been raised in the area she knew the best local spots. I’ve been back at least six times and always leave way too full. We actually reached the point that we looked forward to eating at home.When people ask what we miss the most by leaving our home base we respond “Our Friends!” This will be the last time, unless something unexpected arises, that we are back here for the next year or two. Some of our friends are already making reservations at the Maier Mobile Motel.

We also were able to complete one of our Bucket List items. Thanks Jeanne! She had made it possible for us to take a glider ride or more properly a sail plane ride. Her husband had been a club member and glider pilot with the Bermuda High Soaring Club. They are located at 4278 Thermal Trail, Jefferson SC. See their website at or on So on 9/28/12 off we went into the wild blue yonder. Since a glider has no engine it must be towed by another plane to the target altitude. We went to 3,000 feet. You can pay a bit more to go higher. A board in the office lists the club record at 11,000 feet. Once released the glider begins its straight line decent. A sailplane will make use of thermals to stay aloft then descend for landing. The terms are often used interchangeably. The time aloft can very depending on whether the plane can catch any lift from thermals. Unfortunately on this day the air was very still so our ride was wonderful but short. We want to do this again in other areas of the country and found a great website for locating rides at .

soaring, glider, South Carolina

Chari Gets Instructions

soaring, South Carolina

Our Tow Plane and Pilot

soaring, South Carolina

Preparing for Take Off

soaring, South Carolina

Steve’s Turn

glider, soaring, South Carolina

Coming In For The Landing

soaring, South Carolina

“It Was G-R-E-A-T-!!!

For best results in viewing the video clip of our ride please let the clip load completely before viewing. This means clicking the play arrow in the lower left corner of the video screen then click the double bar pause button. When the gray bar is all the way to the right it is loaded and ready to play.

The other major task was to get a more permanent carrier made for the back of our RV to increase storage and provide a place to carry our toys. Steve has written another Nuts and Bolts about this and we’ll post it when we can locate the file on our computers. Isn’t technology wonderful?

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