Where Next? #1

It was time to figure out where we wanted to travel over the next several months. While we were working on that, we returned to Wilkesboro, NC and Bandits Roost Campground (for details see our earlier post Wilkesboro, NC). We were in time to join friends Kathy and Joe for one last get together at the Brushy Mountain Apple Festival, http://www.applefestival.net/n_index.php?. This festival draws 100,000 people in for the day. The town has things planned well and operates a free shuttle from satellite parking lots as the town is closed to autos. Music, food and craft tents fill the streets.Being an RVer has put an end to my pottery collecting but I still enjoy looking. There was one piece I’d have bought in a heartbeat in my former life.  We did succumb to one purchase. We bought a small metal sculpture of a photographer made from a railroad spike. This will be our version of the Travelocity Gnome popping up in the blog from time to time. Steve’s niece had given him a kayaker that was similarly made a few years ago. We also had a chance to catch up with friends in Burnsville, NC who had just returned from a 5 week tent camping trip in California. We’re hoping to join them somewhere in Maine or Nova Scotia next year.

On to the real reason for this entry. Where are we headed over the next 6 months? This is not cast in concrete. We’ll cover over 2,500 miles in 14 stops. So click in often follow along. We had some definite places we wanted or needed to be and places we wanted to see. So how to connect the dots? Here’s what we decided…..

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