Addendum To More Than Turkey

In our rush to catch up we overlooked two events in the previous post. We were going to just edit the post but then many of you may only respond to new releases.

When we were traveling down the Nachez Trace from Nashville to J P Coleman S. P. we rounded a corner to see a white dog lying in the road. There was no traffic so we could veer away. Do you think that dog was hurt and that’s why he’s lying in the road? I saw another dog in the grass. I think his partner was killed and that’s why he’s there. We have to turn around! So we did a U-turn and pulled off the road.  To our amazement both dogs jumped up and came right over to us. They were not injured. The blood spot on the road we’d seen was a deer that had been hit. I went over and looked at the deer. Not much left. I think the dogs had been feeding on it and that’s why they were here. The two dogs were beautiful Great Pyrenees but their coats were full of burrs. It was obvious they were someones’ pets. No collars or visible ID. They repeatedly wandered into the road and even would lie down in the road. What to do? Cell signal on the Trace isn’t very good but I did have a brochure with the Park Service number on it. I reported the problem and was told they’d send someone to check on the dogs. I wanted to keep the dogs off the road so I took two rawhide chewies we had and gave each dog one well into the field. I’m sure they didn’t last five minutes. If we had a home and property I would have picked these dogs up. They were beautiful. Now I’d have had something to say about that (Opal)!! We can only hope that the dogs were returned to their owners safely.

The other thing we forgot was our trip to Tupelo, MS to visit Elvis Presley’s birthplace. I was about nine years old when Elvis first appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show. Back then TV was very conservative and they would only show him from the waist up because of his “suggestive” moves. I remember my Dad saying “No kid of mine is going to listen to that c—-!” Right, Dad. By the time he was out of the Army I was more enamored of other rock stars so although I wasn’t a huge fan, I did enjoy his music. We played “Love Me Tender” at our wedding. As most of you know his folks were very poor and his birthplace is just 2 rooms equaling 450 square feet. That’s half again as big as our trailer. His folks couldn’t make the payments on the $187 mortgage so when he was 2 1/2 they moved out. He stayed in Tupelo until he was thirteen. The hardware store in town was where he got his first guitar. The property has a car similar to the family car, the church he attended and the home as well as a museum with many Elvis related artifacts. My sister-in-law remembered having to pick up her college roommate in Tupelo the day Elvis died and being tied up in traffic for hours.

Elvis Presley, Mississippi

Chari With Young (13) Elvis

Elvis Presley

Church Where Elvis First Sang

Elvis Presley, Mississippi

Presley Home In Tupelo, MS

Elvis Presley, Tupelo

Bedroom Of Presley Home

Elvis Presley, Elvis Birthplace

Kitchen of Presley Home

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