Mars and Venus?

Mars and Venus?  You betcha!  Yes, I tried moving the slide in and out several times, trying to see what was causing the problem so that maybe I could fix it.  That’s insanity?  What’s the definition of “troubleshooting”, hon?  Wouldn’t we have looked pretty stupid if the serviceman drove an hour and a half and removed a stick from the mechanism and everything worked properly? And, no, I didn’t see right away what the problem was, and did agree to call road service.  But before he arrived, I DID diagnose the problem, or at least what caused the problem.  The stud from the shock absorber was definitely  hitting the mechanism that draws in both sides of the slide evenly.  By the time I saw the problem, the serviceman was already on his way.  And I’m glad he was, since I would have been afraid that if I took a hacksaw and cut it off, the company might say I voided the warranty.  This way, an authorized repairman made the cut.  It turned out that pulling in unevenly caused an additional problem…  a gear tooth snapped off and the entire mechanism needed to be replaced.  

Oh-Oh.  Trouble in Paradise?  No, not by a long shot.  But there certainly IS a Mars and Venus thing.  

By the way, we don’t have an option of using either AC or battery to pull in the slides.  They operate hydraulically, and the motor that turns the hydraulic pump runs off the battery.  Keeping the AC connected while operating the slides, levelers, etc. isn’t really necessary, but I like to keep it connected since electric motors are involved, which will drain the battery pretty quick.  This way, the battery is still connected to the charging system. One of these days, soon, I’ll be doing a “Nuts and Bolts” post on this blog about the mechanical side of living in an RV.  Might not be interesting to everyone, but it might be some.     Steve

One thought on “Mars and Venus?

  1. thanks for your info, sorry you had to get into so much trouble!!! You never know what to expect along the way just enjoy when you can

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