What A Year, What A Year!!!

We can’t imagine a year more exciting, challenging, draining and life altering than 2012. What could 2013 offer? We don’t know and that’s what keeps us on the move as we seek new places, new adventures and check off a bucket list item or two.

I’m not going to call them New Years Resolutions that way I can’t break them. I’ll call them goals instead.

Here are Chari’s Top 5 For 2013:

1) I want to develop our blog to be more user friendly, add new features and reach 5000 views. In 2012 after just 6 months the blog has 21 followers and reached 1188 views. Now that’s nothing compared to some of the top rated blogs but we appreciate each and everyone who has taken an interest in Homeless and Loving It!

2) I want to ride a Segway on a tour in some city or other place. I’ve wanted to do this for a long time and now it’s finally reached the top 5. 

3) I want to take a sailboat day trip. I’ve been on big ships and small boats. I’ve kayaked and canoed but I’ve never been on a sailboat.

4) I want to continue seeing  National Park sites toward our goal of seeing them all. I haven’t counted recently but I think we are at 60 out of 391. What are the chances of reaching 25% next year? That means 38 more places. Mmmm, a tough one. It’s not the count that matters but the fun and learning along the way.

5) See a moose in the wild when I have my camera with me. Two years ago I was kayaking in Idaho when I rounded a bend and came within 100 feet of a cow moose and her calf. I stopped and said “I won’t hurt you” meaning and I hope you won’t hurt me. She just looked, decided I didn’t need further investigation and walked away with the calf in tow. To this day I consider this the best wildlife shot I could have had, the one that got away.

Here’s Steve’s Top 5 For 2013

1-  I want an adventure.  Something I’ve never done before.  2012 saw two, flying in a hot air balloon, and flying in a sailplane.  Don’t know what this new adventure will be, just know that I want one!

2-  Just recently we’ve eaten a couple of meals that place first and second on my all-time favorites.  One was Emeril’s recipe for Shrimp and Grits, which we made with fresh caught Gulf Shrimp.  The other was our own recipe for Cajun style baked oysters.  Don’t know which one places first and which one second, it may be a tie, but at some point in 2013 I want to make and eat a meal that pushes them to second and third place!

3-  I want a “National Geographic Moment”.  I’ve experienced a few in my life, and Chari has had some.  One of mine was being so close to Northern Right Whales in the Bay of Fundy that when they spouted, I got wet.  Another was being on the fifty-yard line watching while two bull elk locked horns in Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado.  Chari and I watched enthralled as the bats flew in their hundreds of thousands from Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico and wound their way to the horizon in the twilight sky.  I’d like another “National Geographic Moment”.

4-  I want to experience a moment of pure wonder and serenity.  Once, I sat under a pine tree at the Grand Canyon, in the midst of winter, when the only other person in sight was my brother, who also sat under a pine tree about a quarter of a mile away, and watched while the canyon slowly changed colors as the evening sun sank into the western sky.  Another was sitting on the beach near the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse watching as the morning sun rose to my left, a thunderstorm raged to my right about a mile or so offshore, and a pod of porpoises played in front of me.  And watching a fantastic display of the Northern Lights while driving alone through the night across North Dakota was another.  I’d like to experience this feeling again.

5-  I’d like my life of wandering with Chari to go on forever.

Here’s Opal’s Top 5 For 2013

1-    I want to actually catch a squirrel.

2-    I want to run and roll in the sand on 10,000 more beaches.

3-    I want Mom and Dad to take me everywhere and not leave me in the stinkin’ trailer.

4-    I want “people food” with every meal.

5-    Just once, I want to be left alone after I’ve fallen asleep for the evening instead of getting woke up to go out and pee.


7 thoughts on “What A Year, What A Year!!!

  1. You both are an inspiration to life!!! I hope you accomplish everything that you both want to do and enjoy doing it as long as you can. I envy all the places you have been and will go to… i would love to be able to see all the sites you have seen in such a short time. Rving… Happy traveling my friends, hope we can meet up again soon….

  2. Please come through Asheville again so Chris and I see you! I would love to chat about photography and take a hike together 🙂 Hope you have an awesome new year.

    • We’d love to do just that. If I can figure out how to use one of the streaming sites maybe we can have that photography chat soon. Hope 2013 is a great year for you both.

  3. Just read your year in review…………you two have been busy !! Steve, you forgot our “zip lining” adventure in 2012, that was one not to be forgotten ! Love that you are living your dreams & having the time of your life doing it~ Hope to see you in our neck of the woods sometime in 2013 🙂 Safe travels……….

    • Oh, we’d never forget that one! Just didn’t have any photos to show. We’ll definitely see you next year (2014) as we plan to spend most of the winter in Florida.

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