Where Next #2

Time to think about where we will roam during the next two months. Nothing is cast in concrete but we plan to move up the east coast combining stops at National Park sites, wildlife refuges, kayaking trips, beach time and visits with friends and family. What a life!

As we write this post the blog is quickly approaching 2100 views. Not a huge number yet but definitely growing. It took six months to reach the first 1,000 views and only six weeks for the second 1,000. We are thrilled to have so many folks “traveling” along with us. Thanks for following our blog.

On the map below we’ve noted campgrounds in green and areas or sites we hope to see in red. After we added the Google Earth map the first time it was too full to be readable. So we broke it down into three sections. You can double click on the image to bring it to full screen size.

We’ll be busy for sure!

Google Earth, RV

Our February-March 2013 Destinations

Google Earth, RV

Our March-April 2013 Destinations

Google Earth, RV

Our April-June 2013 Destinations

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