Green For A Day

We are now waiting out the last month of winter or at least winter as we know it here in the South at Skidaway Island State Park. The park is located ten miles outside of Savannah, Georgia. We’ve been very pleased with our stays at two other Georgia State Parks and Skidaway Island is no exception. All of the sites are pull through style although trees can make it difficult for larger rigs. In fact the site we chose will require us to back out onto the street to leave.  Current upgrades to the park are being done to include some sites with sewer. We were surprised to see a cable hookup in the utility box. Very few state parks offer this service. Then we learned that they are waiting for the new cable company to connect. Our satellite TV doesn’t work because of the dense forest. Fortunately, our over the air antenna does well and we can get PBS. We are addicted to Downton Abbey and couldn’t bear to miss the Season 3 finale.

This is Presidents Day Weekend and there are three big events being held in Savannah.  One of them is the Irish Festival. Most people think of the Irish emigrating to New York, Boston and Chicago. Few realize that many came south to Savannah. In fact, over St. Patrick’s Day this city of almost 140,000 swells to several million partygoers. The St. Patrick’s Day Parade here is planned all year. There is a clock at the Parade office downtown that counts down the start of the next parade to the one thousandth of a second.  Now that’s being precise! Festivities begin well ahead of the big day and the Irish Festival is one of them.

Steve With His Guiness Hat

Steve With His Guiness Hat

We attended on Sunday afternoon only.  The festival was held at the Savannah Civic Center. Two stages provided ongoing entertainment, one small stage held cultural events and lectures and one was devoted to children’s activities. There were vendors galore with every conceivable Celtic item. Steve bought a Guinness hat for his brother who has a Guinness collection but then decided to keep it. Looks good on him, don’t you think? Of course we’re sure that we have the winning ticket for the trip to Ireland raffle. Steve’s grandmother was from County Mayo so he’s always wanted to visit Ireland. The entertainment was fantastic especially when you can enjoy a beer at the same time.. We hope you enjoy the videos we made of the Savannah Irish Dancers, comedian/songwriter/singer Seamus Kennedy and the Cathy Ryan Band.  Steve thinks Cathy Ryan is the Irish version of Judy Collins. At a festival like this everyone can be green for a day.

4 thoughts on “Green For A Day

  1. Hello you two, glad you arrived to your home. It sound like another lovely place.. The festival sounds wonderful and being Scottish/Irish that would be something I’d want to go too.
    I too adore Downton Abbey, it’s one of my most favorite shows, another thing in common with you guys. I watch it on my computer at and catch up if i miss an episode. Season three ended too soon. I have 1&2 on CDs so I guess I will get season 3 when it comes to dvd. Take care and enjoy, lv to Opal

  2. Loved the hat!!! Steve looks so good in it, all he needs a kilt and bagpipes and he’ll fit in..
    The singers and the dances were wonderful.. My mom wanted me to be a Scottish dancer but i was too shy to be in front of people, ha ha

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