RV Living – Tweak Week

Sorry we seemed to disappear for the last two weeks or so. As we were finishing at the dump site in Savannah we noticed that the skylight cover over the shower was smashed. Did a branch fall on it? We don’t know but that seems most likely. No time to replace it now as we were on our way to the Okefenokee Wildlife Refuge. Looks like we all (Chari, Steve and the trailer) need check-ups in Charlotte. We’d already scheduled medical and dental appointments for a week and now we’d add a trip to the RV dealer for work on the trailer. This week plus has been named Tweak Week. It was hectic but we accomplished a lot including truck maintenance/inspection and seeing friends we hadn’t seen since last summer. How we’ll handle these necessary visits once we turn the Dream Chaser west we’re not sure. Most likely we’ll set up a western home base. We plan a Tweak Week once a year wherever we are.

As we write this entry, we’re sitting in a very comfortable lounge at the RV dealer showroom near Asheville, NC waiting for them to finish repairs on the trailer. Well, almost finish anyway. We had to extend our stay at the service campground for two more nights while we wait for parts to arrive. Fortunately they are dog friendly and Opal is snoozing on the carpet next to us. We have laundry going in their machines so no time is wasted. From here we have to tow the trailer to a nearby business that handles their hitch work. For the past three stops we’ve had trouble getting the fifth wheel hitch to close and once it does trouble getting it to unlock. We’ll take a day off to entertain Steve’s cousin and her husband and see friends in Burnsville, NC.

Don’t think we forgot about Opal. She had her visit to the vet in Savannah. Now back to finishing up the Savannah entries and some video and humorous alligator adventures in the Okefenokee. Hopefully by the end of the week all of us will be in good shape and ready to begin the Spring and Summer trek up the east coast.

Oh, one nice thing that has happened was that the Escapees RV Club magazine chose one of Chari’s photos to use in their Viewpoint feature for the March/April issue. Each issue has a different topic for member photos. We don’t know how many submissions were sent but twelve were chosen for publication. The topic was Rare Birds You Have Seen Since  RVing. Chari submitted a picture from our stop at the Sylvan Waterfowl Park in Scotland Neck, NC last summer.

Sylvan Heights Waterfowl Park, Birds, North Carolina, RV

Escapees Magazine Entry Picture

2 thoughts on “RV Living – Tweak Week

  1. Congrat’s on the photo publication ! That’s very cool !
    Hope you were able to hook up with the kids & that you’ll soon be “on the road again”~

  2. Hi Chari, It was good seeing you yesterday! Sorry I didn’t call, I got caught up at work longer then expected. Anyway I’ll give you a call in the morning. Chris and I would love to come over for a visit 🙂

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