A Post About Posters – The Virginia War Museum

We’d seen signs for the Virginia War Museum on our way to the Mariner’s Museum. It was only 3 miles away so when our plans to return to the Mariner’s Museum changed it made a good backup destination. It isn’t a large museum but it is full of memorabilia from the French and Indian Wars to the Gulf War. As you know, Steve is most interested in military history and artifacts. I, on the other hand, gravitate toward the human interest stories. There was plenty to keep both of us busy for several hours.

One of the sections I enjoyed the most was looking at the WWII posters. I find the artwork and messages so interesting. My parents were married in the Great Depression. My father was drafted  for WWII 2 weeks before he would have been old enough to be exempt. My parents had to sell their independent grocery business in Illinois. My father was transferred from Indiana to Kansas to New Jersey and my mother followed along.  These events defined their generation the way Civil Rights, Women’s Liberation and the Vietnam War defined mine. I grew up hearing stories represented by many of the posters.

Poster WWII

Housewives Were Fighting From The Home Front

Victory Gardens, WWII

Everyone Had A Garden

poster WWII

Before Women Served On Ships

WWII poster

Loose Lips Sink Ships

Lonesome Puppy

Lonesome Puppy

WWI poster

Lend Lease Poster From WWI

Other items that caught our attention:

Berlin Wall

A Section Of The Berlin Wall

Gatling Gun

Gatling Gun

Newpapers Announce The End Of WWII

Newpapers Announce The End Of WWII

old army wagon and truck

Old Army Wagon And Truck

Before we left I stopped to pick up some brochures. One advertised a tour of Norfolk Harbor leaving from the Nauticus Museum. This was one time Steve was glad I never met a brochure I didn’t like. We planned to do that the next day. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at our next blog entry.

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