Roadside Trivia #1

We are in an area with poor internet coverage and unable to post our longer entries so we thought we’d start a new category of interesting trivia we see along the road.

As a kid, or maybe even now, have you gone to the movies and bought a roll of NECCO wafers to leisurely eat during the show. What was your favorite flavor? (Chari) Mine was always chocolate!

We were stuck in rush hour (maybe it should be renamed crawl hour) traffic on Rt 107 out of Boston when we saw a]the sign. Have your ever wondered what NECCO stands for? While it hasn’t kept you awake at night we bet we have you saying “What could it be?”

Hang on, you’re about to find out……..

NECCO means …..

NECCO Headquarters

NECCO Headquarters

One thought on “Roadside Trivia #1

  1. HI, thanks for that great info, I always wanted to know what it stood for, now I know, also mine was chocolate!!!!

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