The Green Mountain State Lives Up To Its Name

In an attempt to keep from getting further behind in our posts I worked on the computer as we drove from Salem, Massachusetts to Winhall Brook, a Corps of Engineers campground, just north of South Londonderry, Vermont. That’s in the central southern third of the state. Even though we were on interstate highways most of the time the traffic was light and the forested mountainside made it a very pleasant drive. (For those of you who are new to the blog we use colors to indicate when one of us is making a comment, Chari is GREEN, Steve is BLUE, Opal is ORANGE and guest submissions are PURPLE.)

Vermont, Green Mountain State

Vermont Deserves Its Nickname

You just can’t beat the Corps of Engineers campgrounds for value and amenities. We have an open site which is good for satellite TV but we back to woods for privacy. It was cool (58 degrees) and cloudy when we arrived. This morning we awoke to birds singing, sunshine and the sound of rushing water as Winhall River rolls along about a quarter mile away. All of this with electric and water hookup for $11/night thanks to our Federal Parks Interagency Pass senior discount!  We knew coming into the park would be tricky as there is a tight turn onto a single lane bridge. Our trailer was at the maximum length but Steve did a fabulous job of lining up. Looks like a good place for a bike ride and we’ll check out Ball Mountain Lake for kayaking later today. Summer may finally have found us with temperatures predicted to reach 85 degrees for the first time.

Both of us were feeling overdosed on history even though we loved every stop from Philadelphia to Boston. Time to take a break and relax. This stop is how full timers take a vacation. We shift gears from sightseeing at historical sites to biking, hiking and paddling and just maybe sitting outside and reading a good book. There may not be a lot to write about for a few days while we take R&R. We did ride bikes on in the campground and on the West Trail to the gorge overlooking the river where we found a bench.

As it turned out there was plenty to write about. We had the time, the material and very poor internet for doing any uploads. Frustrating for sure. Now we’ve moved on and again we are still trying to “catch up.”

We had four days of summer then back to cool and rainy. Everywhere we go people are saying that this is the coolest and rainiest springtime in many years. So if you are having a drought just give us a call as we seem to be bringing rain wherever we go! We were in Vermont for two weeks and had one week of rain. The Winhall River went from a shallow, rocky mountain river to a full raging torrent 4-5 feet deep before we left. Ball Mountain Lake turned out to be a dry bed. Maybe this is one of the rivers they decided to return to it’s pre-dammed status. Anyway we certainly couldn’t kayak here. So off we went on several drives.

Vermont is a peaceful, laid back place. Small towns with locally owned shops, IGA markets and artisan galleries instead of chain restaurants, shopping centers and a Walmart on every corner. In fact the only time we felt we were in Anywhere USA was when we drove through Rutland on Route 7. The largest part of our driving was on Vermont Route 100. We found waterfalls, cheese stores, historic sites and  a state park campground for future trips. Here we found Moss Glen Falls full of wildflowers and two photo worthy waterfalls. Another day trip took us to Quechee (pronounced Kwee-chee) Gorge aka Vermont’s Grand Canyon. The gorge is 165′ deep. There is a .6 mile moderately steep trail from the bridge over the gorge to the floor where you can venture into the river for a dip on a hot day.

waterfalls, Vermont, Quechee Gorge

Quechee Gorge Panorama

wildflowers, Vermont

May Wildflowers Along VT RT 100

waterfall, Vermont

Smaller Waterfall At Moss Glen

Swirling Water Near Middlebury, VT

Swirling Water Near Middlebury, VT

We enjoyed our time so much that we altered our return route from Canada and will be back here for some leaf peeping in late September.

One thought on “The Green Mountain State Lives Up To Its Name

  1. the most beautiful pictures, you captured the state. Glad you still find the time to relax with all you do.

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