Roadside Trivia # 4

How much do you know about some of the less well known US Presidents? Well, we’re about to find out. In our travels we are attempting to visit all of the Presidental Libraries, homes and birthplaces. Please don’t pull up a new window in Goggle right away to find the answers. That spoils the fun! You’ll see where this tidbit of knowledge is leading in our next post.

Between 1841 and 1963 eight US Presidents died while in office. It was almost nine when Ronald Regan was shot. Can you name them? To be honest I only got five right when I first tried to answer this question. I knew all them all.

OK. So you’re feeling pretty good about getting the answer. Now, as Emeril would say, “Let’s kick it up a notch.” How many of their vice-presidents who assumed the Presidency can you name? I knew only four. I new all but one.

Of the Presidents who died in office, how many were assassinated and how many died of natural causes?

Of all the men above, three had children die while they were in office. Can you name the Presidents? We both knew the answer.




You’re not cheating, are you?




Here are the answers:

 Presidents Who Died In Office:           1 – William Henry Harrison

                                                                        2 – Zachary Taylor

                                                                        3 – Abraham Lincoln

                                                                        4 – James Garfield

                                                                        5 – William McKinley

                                                                        6 – Warren Harding

                                                                        7 – Franklin D. Roosevelt

                                                                       8 – John F. Kennedy

 Vice Presidents Who Became President Upon Death Of The President:

                                                                        1 – John Tyler

                                                                        2 – Millard Fillmore

                                                                        3 – Andrew Johnson

                                                                       4 – Chester Arthur

                                                                       5 – Teddy Roosevelt (my favorite President)

                                                                       6 – Calvin Coolidge

                                                                        7- Harry Truman

                                                                        8- Lyndon Johnson

How Many Were Assassinated  And How Many Died Of Natural Causes?

                                                                       Assassinated:  3          Natural Causes: 5

*** Because there has been a theory that Zachary Taylor’s gastroenteritis may have been food poisoning and an assassination attempt we would consider 4/4 also correct.

Which Presidents Lost Children While in Office?  All 3 were sons.

                                                                        1- Lincoln

                                                                        2- Coolidge

                                                                        3- Kennedy

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