Wildflowers, Water And Lobstah

We loved the drive to Stonington so much that it was only two days later that we decided to take our kayaks and launch from someplace along the way. We no longer draw attention as we drive around town with three boats on top of the truck. It seems that one in every thirty or so cars has a boat or boat rack on their car.

Our route veered off of US 1 onto Shore Drive and brought us to the storybook town of Shady Grove. The colorfully painted Victorian style cottages here look like a set out of a children’s movie. Our first photo op of the day. Once a small turn of the century (1900s) vacation area where horses were tied up in front of the houses Shady Grove today  is a bustling marina town with a golf course.

Maine, Photography

Storybook Setting

Shady Grove, Maine

Shady Grove, Maine

We decided to head down the western side of Deer Isle toward the town of Castine. We stopped at a huge field of buttercups in bloom and thought we’d had our wildflower fix for the day until we rounded the corner and found Hatch Cove Preserve.  Acres of lupines, daisies, wild iris and buttercups greeted us. We were like kids in a candy store. I really don’t know how much time we spent taking pictures. Time does fly when you’re having fun. Do you know that’s the difference between adults and children? Adults do things for a purpose and children do things just for the enjoyment of the activity. I guess we really are in our second childhood. We were “in the zone”. 

wildflowers, Hatch Cove

Birdhouse Amidst Wildflowers

Hatch Cove, Maine, wildflowers

Iris, Lupine And Buttercups

kayaking, Maine

Kayaking At Hatch Cove

On the map there was a cove that looked tempting for a launch site. This we presumed was Hatch Cove. We spent the next hour or so paddling but didn’t go far. Steve’s kayak is made for fishing and not as easy to handle in coastal conditions as my sea kayak so we stayed close to shore. It may be June but the water is still cold. We didn’t want to “go swimming” accidentally.

kayaking, Maine

Steve At Hatch Cove

We’d worked up an appetite by then. An article we read online from National Geographic Best Road Trips had mentioned a local eatery in Castine known for it’s lobster rolls. We went in search of The Breeze. Turns out this is a small carryout place with a deck and tables overlooking Castine harbor. So we ordered the large size and heard the gal yell to the kitchen “one lobstah, one crab”. Huge is the only word that comes to mind. However, we did save room for some blueberry ice cream.

Castine, The Breeze

Dining Al Fresco At The Breeze

Maine, scenic view

Castine Harbor

Lobstah Cages

Lobstah Cages

Wild Iris Close-up

Wild Iris Close-up

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