“Honey, I Smell Smoke!”

New York, RV living, RV fire

Wellesley Island State Park

We interrupt the tales of Homeless and Loving It! from the Canadian Maritimes for this breaking news from Wellesley Island State Park, New York….

Despite being awoken at 5:15 AM eastern standard time to a trailer full of smoke we are pleased to report that Chari, Steve and Opal are fine.

What good is a smoke alarm that goes off routinely when you cook bacon but doesn’t make a beep when the trailer fills with smoke from melting plastic? What happened was that the fan on the electric fireplace stopped working. The heater kept going and began to melt the plastic trim around the CD/DVD/radio component. Chari was the first to wake and realize the problem was the fireplace. She turned it off while Steve went outside to disconnect the electric power. Then Steve removed the fireplace insert to make sure nothing was smoldering behind it. So far, so good. The fireplace went outside to cool down. The trailer was aired out and electric power came back on.

Adrenaline still running, Chari made coffee while Steve (adrenaline not running) went back to sleep. Thank you Guardian Angel for working on a holiday weekend!

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