Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

When people think of Rvers, they assume everyone heads south at the first hint of cold weather. Rightly so. Most Rvers do just that. Every once in a while something will keep you north a bit longer or temperatures will plunge unexpectedly. This happened to us over the recent Thanksgiving holidays.

After leaving the Outer Banks we stopped in the Richmond area where we experienced morning temperatures in the low 30s. No problem. We’d experienced weather as low as 19 degrees with our first trailer and that was in South Carolina. On a bit more north to the Washington DC area. Maybe we just don’t have good karma here. Last Spring instead of cherry blossoms we had snow. This time, instead of pleasant Fall weather we had COLD. When I say COLD, I mean COLD. First it was 15 degrees, then 10 degrees and one morning the thermometer on the window read 7 degrees. The furnace ran almost continuously but kept the trailer comfortable. We went through a 30 lb. propane tank in less than a week. The shower, toilet and sink in the bedroom were fine since the pipes run through the storage area. Not so with the kitchen sink pipes. they froze solid. Fortunately they thawed without any leaks. As we write this, the kitchen pipes froze again in central Pennsylvania this morning when the temperature was 10 degrees. We hope to be as lucky when they thaw.

We’re on our way to North Carolina for a new roof for the DreamChaser. If you are a new follower see our post in the June 2013 archives Attack of the Tree Branch.¬†Fortunately we will be able to rent a loaner trailer for the 3-4 days it will take for the work to be completed. While we are there, we will ask about additional insulation for the kitchen pipes and/or heat tape.

Then a brief day or two at Huntington Beach SP or Buckhall CG in the Francis Marion NF and on to Florida. We can’t wait!

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