Paddling The Blue Rocks

Blue rocks panoramic

One last post before we leave the Lunenburg area.  We were out driving and I was looking at our Canada Backroads map book when I saw something called the Blue Rocks Seakayaking Trail.  “Let’s check this out and if tomorrow’s weather is as nice as today it would be a great day to kayak.”  “OK.”  We didn’t get far before we were hopping out of the truck with cameras in hand. More photo worthy old boats just waiting for us.

old boats, photography

Gone But Not Forgotten

We were trying to find the launch ramp from the map.  We stopped to ask a local woman where it was and wound up chatting with her for several minutes.  Our truck with 3 boats and the large carrier on top often invites conversation.  Before we left she said “If you have any trouble finding a parking spot down there come back. You can park in my driveway and walk to the water from here.”  The people in Nova Scotia are as beautiful as the countryside!

Steve and I have kayaked some beautiful areas.  Until now our favorite paddle had been Antelope Canyon on Lake Powell in Arizona. Now, it’s a toss up.  We found out later that you can launch closer to Lunenburg and paddle down the river to the Blue Rocks  area.  That’s good to know because the ramp area we used might hold 3-4 cars at best.  We stayed in the more protected bays but if you are a skilled ocean kayaker you could do a multi-day paddle to some outlying islands.  Sun, scenery and serenity.  What more could you ask?  How about watching eagles soar?  Yes, they were there as well.

kayaking, Nova Scotia

At The Boat Ramp

Blue Rocks Seakayaking Route

Photography And Paddling At The Blue Rocks

Chari's Boat Paddling The Blue Rocks

Chari’s Boat Paddling The Blue Rocks


Reflecting On The Water

Cool, Clear Water

Cool, Clear Water

Blue Rocks, Blue Water

Blue Rocks, Blue Water

A Day To Remember

A Day To Remember

One thought on “Paddling The Blue Rocks

  1. another one of Gods beautiful places! The pictures are amazing as they always are. You two should have been in the travel business with all your knowledge of places to see and things to do. With all the blogs and pictures and videos you make, it makes one want to do it all and visit all the places you both have been to, so exciting and interesting.

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