It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

McAdenville composite

Wishing everyone who reads our blog the best holiday season ever, however you choose to celebrate.

Decorating for the holidays is a challenge with limited space and storage. Steve made our “tree” so it is easy to take apart on moving day. He thinks it came out too skinny and is already planning a redo for next year. We’re calling it our “Charlie Brown Christmas Tree”. 

While we were killing time during our recent roof repair we returned to our former home town of Charlotte, NC.  Just west of Charlotte off of I-85 is the small town of McAdenville.  A former mill town for Pharr Yarns, McAdenville now serves as a bedroom community for commuters.  Once a year, from the Monday after Thanksgiving until the first week of January, McAdenville becomes CHRISTMAS TOWN USA.  At one time I was told that anyone buying property in McAdenville had to sign an agreement that they would decorate for this event. I don’t know if this is true but in the five times I’ve gone to this event I’ve never seen an undecorated property.

Usually, we’d drive over via I-85 and sit for an hour or more in traffic waiting our turn to meander slowly through town and enjoy the spectacle. This year we took a backroad in early enough to beat the barricade and found parking in town. Arriving early gave us the opportunity to walk and photograph the lights. Many times Steve and I are shooting side by side and when we get home we have very similar pictures.   Of course, all of the good ones are mine! This time we separated and had a great assortment. Enjoy the slide show that follows.

M   E   R   R   Y        C   H   R   I   S   T   M   A   S

F   R   O   M

S   T   E   V   E      A    N   D     C   H   A   R   I

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