Make That Two For The Road

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Chari And Steve’s Travels For Year Two On The Road

WOW!!  Can it really be two years since we pulled out of our driveway in Charlotte, NC leaving life as we’d known it for a modern day Travels With Charlie or in our case Opal? The answer is yes. We have 65,500 miles on the truck to prove it. In 2014 we stayed in 39 campgrounds and travelled 33,500 miles with about 30% of the time pulling the trailer. If you want to look at the map above in full screen just double click over the picture.

The Gypsy And The Vagabond

The Vagabond And The Gypsy

We made our first international trip to the Canadian Maritime Provinces. Chari has learned to hook up and disengage the truck and trailer. As of last week she now has driven interstates, backroads and into a truck stop. Learning to back into a campsite is a goal for year three. Real women drive RVs! After eighteen months of being east of the Mississippi River we’ve now crossed over to explore the west for a few years.

We’ve also experienced the down side of mechanical failure and accidents. Even this hasn’t caused us to question our decision to continue the RV lifestyle. We love it. We’ve seen and done so much only to discover we’ve barely scratched the surface.

We are officially SoDaks now, that’s residents of South Dakota. This is one of the most popular states for full timers to use for residency.

Most of all we hope you’ve enjoyed traveling with us. What will Year Three bring our way? You’ll just have to pack your virtual bags and come along.

And now we return you to your regularly scheduled blog…

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We’ve Come A Long Way, Baby!
(Year 1 Yellow and Year 2 Red)

5 thoughts on “Make That Two For The Road

  1. What a wonderful adventure you have taken us on, have enjoyed reading all the blogs and yes I feel like I am there with you two enjoying all the happy places and memories you have made.
    We certently have enjoyed all the beautiful pictures and all the wonderful places you have visited. Looking forward to another adventurous year with you on the road. Even with all your trailer problems you kept a positive attidude and kept moving on. May God Bless you both and keep you forever safe in your travels.

      • Thanks, we miss you both too. We will just have to see where our travels take us and hopefully we will meet up together again. Enjoy your travels and be safe.

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