The People You Meet On The Road #1 – Blackwater Drifters

It’s not just the places you go but the people you meet along the way that make full time RVing such wonderful lifestyle. Very often there is a quick exchange of contact information. Sometimes you stay in touch and sometimes you don’t. Our pile of cards, brochures and “someday for the blog” info has grown continuously. A card we kept from our days at Red Rock Lakes NWR has finally worked it’s way to the top. Here’s the story…..

Only a few days after arriving at Red Rock Lakes we had just closed the office when two young men pulling kayaks loaded with gear arrived. They wanted to camp at the refuge so we directed them to the campground. One of them, Nick, asked where he could charge his phone. We invited him to use our trailer. While his phone charged we talked and listened to their plans. They were hiking/kayaking from Browers Spring (the most distant tributary and source of the Missouri River) to the Gulf of Mexico. The trip would take about 5 months. Nick had just graduated from film school and was using this opportunity to make a documentary.

Having just found his card we logged onto their website. They made it all the way! A documentary is planned for release in Spring 2015. If you’d like to read about their adventure or see some video clips go to .

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