Utah Cowboys Video

Is there anything so American as the cowboy? Being raised on the East coast, as kids we watched westerns on TV and in the movies. Summer of 2016 had us in northeastern Utah where we had a first hand experience with cattle branding and a real (not aimed at the tourist) rodeo. The cattle branding was done at Swett Ranch, a historic homestead, now part of Ashley National Forest. Four generations of the Swett family work together roping, branding, inoculating and neutering calves. Both ear tags and brands are required before cattle can be turned out to graze on National Forest land. The rodeo was in Vernal, Utah and had many of the top 15 competitors on the circuit participating. Rodeos were started as competitions using the skills needed by ranchers. We thought the two events would make an interesting video.

We hope you enjoy it.

2 thoughts on “Utah Cowboys Video

  1. Hello to our traveling friends. So glad all is well and you are still enjoying all your ravels across the USA, loved the video and the music, great!! See you have a new camper, is it bigger than the Dream Catcher? and what are you calling this one. Hope you both are keeping well. love to you both , stay well many blessings to you both for safe travels.

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