We Thrive In Year Five

(Chari) Can it really be five years since we pulled out of our driveway in Charlotte, NC and began our lives as full time RVers? 

(Steve) Just think of the 155,000 miles we’ve traveled, the 195 national park sites we’ve seen or the 150 campgrounds we’ve used. It seems as if we’ve been doing this forever. 

(Opal) The back of the truck looks the same to me wherever we go!

Do you remember those first few days when we were so exhausted from selling everything and all the things that went wrong?

I’d rather not! (For those new to our blog you can learn about our troubles in our first post called Off To A Rough Start).

And so that was our conversation this morning as we awoke to start year six of our wonderful life on the road. As is our custom we recap our travels for the past year and then add it to the map of past years. Looking at the combined map we will need to start a new one for years six to ten. Otherwise it will be unreadable! These maps are best viewed full size.

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Our RV Travels Year 5

Tonight we will celebrate with a dinner in DreamChaser 2 with our work partners here in central Idaho at the Sacajawea Interpretation Center in Salmon. They have been on the road for eight years. So raise a glass and wish us another five, ten or even fifteen years! We still have blank spots to fill in.

Our RV Travels From May 18, 2012- May 18, 2017