Where Next ? #9

Soon it will be time to pack up and move on from Hot Springs, Arkansas. We have had a wonderful time here. The winter was a mild one with an early Spring. We hope to get a post written about our volunteering at Hot Springs National Park and the city which goes by the same name officially.

So where will we be heading next? Back west for the Summer of 2017 to Salmon, Idaho where we will be working for the City of Salmon and the U. S. Forest Service at the Sacajawea Interpretation Center. Along the way we will make stops in Nashville for a Photoshop workshop from Jim Zuckerman, see 7 more national park sites, see the Budweiser Clydesdale ranch, visit with friends and family and explore new areas of our beautiful country.

So pack your virtual suitcase and travel with us!

Hot Springs, Arkansas to Salmon, Idaho April-May 2017

Hot Springs, Arkansas to Salmon, Idaho April-May 2017

Three Years Coast To Coast

We are relaxing on the beautiful coast of Fidalgo Island and the City of Anacortes, Washington. Tomorrow marks our third anniversary of being on the road. We will celebrate by putting the DreamChaser on board a ferry bound for San Juan Island and our third volunteer position. What a trip it has been traveling at a snail’s pace from sea (Atlantic) to shining sea (Pacific)! Three years ago today we were wondering if we’d made the biggest mistake of our lives by selling everything to hit the road. Our house sale had fallen through at the last minute, we were exhausted and we had RV troubles on Day 1. As they say “bad rehearsal, good show” has led to us saying every day “can you believe this life?”

This year we traveled 36,000 miles from a height of 11,000 feet in Colorado to Badwater Basin in Death Valley at -286 feet, from snowcapped mountains to beautiful deserts to scenic Route 101 on the Oregon and Washington coast. In a time when everything seems to be about faster travel, quicker meals and instant gratification we cherish our Slow Travel and simplified lifestyle. Yesterday we were shopping in preparation for island life. Steve said “Is there anything else you want?” As I looked around the store packed with merchandise, I replied ” Life has become very simple. I can’t think of a thing we need.”

Here is a Google Earth year in review for 2014-2015. What’s in a number? For us it means over 100,000 miles on our truck, over 20 Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, 102 campgrounds, 12 WalMart nights, 150 National Park Service sites and a desire to continue as long as we can.

Google Earth, Homeless and Loving It, travel

Our Route May 2014-May 2015

Just what does 100,000 miles look like? Take a look at our route to date. If you think we’re running out of places to go…just look at all of those blanks spots!

RV living

A Whole Lot Of Moving Going On!