Chari (pronounced like Sherry) and Steve Maier along with their boxer/border collie Opal have set off on their life-long dream of being full time RVers in their 2011 Grand Junction 35′ fifth wheel. With cameras never far away they plan to meander the USA, Canada and destinations yet unknown visiting well known sites and discovering hidden gems along the way. In addition to being avid travelers and photographers they enjoy kayaking, hiking, scenic drives (especially dirt roads), good food/wine and a good laugh wherever the road takes them.

No rocking chairs for us. Want to travel along…. well come on.

travel blog, full time RVers

Chari and Steve Maier
Authors of “Homeless and Loving It!”

11 thoughts on “About

  1. I was gone from home 50 days, driving and hiking the wildest places in the American West. I started in Oregon and followed the Lewis & Clark Trail (backwards) and the Nez Perce Trail (forwards). Along the way I hiked the great national parks. In need of a shower, I camped at the Henry’s Lake Park at West Yellowstone. Much to my amazement, a couple invited me over to their campsite for a regular meal. The meal was great, but the company was outstanding. We shared dreams of retirement living. By now, you know the couple who invited me over was Chari & Steve. When they read this, they will be glad to find out that I made it over the entire 1,100 miles of the Nez Perce Trail.

    May our trails cross once again some day. You meet the nicest people in campgrounds.

    Gene Estensen

  2. wow, guys i stumbled on to this site and fell out,man oh man u 2 are awsome i just got a jaco designer 35 ,after lifetime of ill do it later,well its later will be wanting to see whats next wow iam so jazzed….

  3. Chari & Steve, I am heading to the Grand Canyon next week. Backpack is ready to go for three nights in the Canyon. I have not forgotten your kindness near Yellowstone when you invited the guy, the perfect stranger with the tiny tent, over for dinner. Headed back to Yellowstone for some wolf watching in late September.

    “The mountains are calling and I must go”. John Muir

  4. Hi there. My name is Bennet and I’m a reporter at the Le Mars Daily Sentinel in northwest Iowa. I saw that you are traveling in our direction, and we wanted to see if we could set up a time to interview you all. My email is bgoldstein(at)lemarssentinel(dot)com

    We’re flattered that you’re coming our way, and want to hear more about this exciting adventure.

    Thanks much!


  5. Noticed that in your story about Belle Baruch, you mentioned that you were unable to find a good photo of her. I am watching Antiques Road Show and there is quite a nice photo of her. It was part of a story about stolen paintings from the home.

  6. This has nothing to do,with your blog although I do love reading them. Just had to ask if you were at The Petrified Forest National Park in AZ on September 25th? We were there and when we left we went the wrong way and had to turn around and go the other direction and as we drove out I told Jerry ” that looks like Steve and Charis truck” but you could have been in a dozen places so we didn’t turn around and go back. I will be really disappointed if we did miss you. We are on our way to CA via Phoenix and San Diego for. A navy reunion for Jerry in Ventura.. He was stationed at Port Hueneme so should be fun seeing everything.

  7. Hello, I was browsing the internet looking for representational photographs of Nova Scotia to use for a school project. The project is to create a statistical atlas of Nova Scotian counties. I was hoping to use one of your photos for the cover, the one of the lighthouse and sail boat. This atlas is a student project only and will never be released or published or seen by anyone other than my cartography teacher. I would also feel comfortable removing the photograph after submission. Thank you for your time! Anna

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